Monday, December 7, 2009


a few documentation shots of my taxonomy of marks book

Viscom: Final statement III

through the last project of the semester i not only learned new principles of design but i also continued to use those that i have learned through the previous two projects. by learning how to better create abstract communication through shapes in project one i was able to create a more complex meaning between my shape, text, transitions and haiku. through the process of creating visual identity, much like i did in project two, i was able to clearly express my haiku through my entire design process

on top of the previous design objectives i also learned new principles that guided me through this final project. gaining the ability to render graphic shapes that are not only communicative but also expressive and related to the project will continue to be something i use in my design process. also i learned that abstract mark making can be used as aesthetic, expressive and perceptual. this was a difficult concept for me to grasp early on during my production of marks.

upon returning next semester i will have a range of new design skills that will propel my design process. i have no doubt that i will continue to exercise all of the knowledge that i have gained this semester. having looked back now on the semester, i can say the single-most useful piece of knowledge that i will take with me into next semester would be the use and knowing of importance behind process.

crit of mid-progress piece:

this is an early iteration of project one. the word that i was trying to convey was whip. now that i have completed this semester and have a better eye for critique i can definitely see what i was not only executing wrong but also right. the first thing that i notice is that i am using colour for emphasis which helps but was not allowed in the project.i do think i has grasping the idea of proximity, scale and framing when i was putting together this composition. i thought this piece showed great depth and movement because of these well executed design techniques. although a greater contrast in scale and proximity from foreground to background could of helped emphasize a change in space.