Friday, March 12, 2010

image: proj3 review

ill have my final photos up, along with a few new shots that i have already taken in response to my book.

since the beginning of the project i have felt my concept was strong. although i knew what my obstacles were going to be. mainly the fact that i have no clue in fully understanding how a camera works. on top of that the fact that i dont have a high-end camera and the poor lighting conditions i was faced to shoot in.

after i had downloaded my experimental photos and got a look at the saturated kinda slightly blurred effect that i was getting. this was how i got the idea to try and control the results that i was getting. the progress critiques are very important and i tried to utilize his time better by skipping some of my usual sketching drills and went straight for my camera. having a variety of work for my image instructor to look at, along with my other two, gives me a better chance for success.

viscom2: final color & bw icons

my final b&w icon set, minus my jump-rope. i am still unable to render it in a way that is BOTH legible and cohesive with the rest of my set. major changes have been on the scale and singlet . i needed to make the scale legible when scaled down so i made changes to the stroke weight of the tick-marks and hand. my singlet was too tall and skinny so i made slight adjustments to widen the overall shape.

my final set of color icons. i really like the idea of offsetting the icon on top of a solid version of itself. i thought this technique worked well with my choice of "knock-out" style icons.

Monday, March 8, 2010

my second round of color swatches that i produced after critique. i think my color combinations are getting closer to carrying the connotations that i want them too. i like the fourth set from the bottom, the contrasting orange and blue give my icon a vibration feel that i think is working well with the constant motion and business aspect of my narrative.

viscom2: color swatches & icons

my five pictures that i chosen to take swatches from. i decided to take bright
"school color-like" samples that i thought could capture the feeling of a wrestling tournament.

here are my first color comparisons with the three different techniques i was choosing from.

after discussion in class i learned that my colors where to "crayola box" like. we went through each color swatch that we chose and listed general connotations of that color that came to mind. connotations of a wrestling tournament included aggressive, busy, noisy and strength. colors that i feel i could use in order to show these things are dark blues reds and bright oranges.

viscom2: colour

my first look into adding colour to my icons. i organized my techniques of applying colour to my icons into a matrix, just as i did when creating them previously.

after looking at each direction jamie and i came to the decision that i should pursue the direction of adding a backdrop shape, which is the 5th row from the top.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

image: proj3

my initial ideas both include hands. one idea is more focused on a first-person view, as if the viewer is looking at their own and hands committing the deadly sin.

my 2nd idea is much more of a humorous attempt. i want to try and paint faces on my hands to make the look like a person. i would then use these subjects to act out each of they deadly sins.

these are my initial sketches for my first person view idea. each composition consists of a pair of hands and another object or two. my objects that i am considering using for each sin are the following:

gluttony: oreos/cream & milk
lust: pornography magazine & lotion bottle/phone
wrath: computer screen & pencil
greed: coins
envy: torn photograph
sloth: bong & lighter
pride: fingernail file & clippers

image: proj3

our assignment for project 3 is to take 7 photographs that successfully illustrate the seven deadly sins. the photos must be taken from camera meaning no photoshop. they also will be constructed into a 8"x6" accordion-fold book.