Thursday, January 28, 2010

how to think

i thought this was a great article. from his list i found his ideas about best-practices protocol, documentation and synthesizing new ideas to be the most beneficial to myself. documentation on our blogs is something that is being pushed more this semester; this article is only one more reason why im going to do a better job at documenting my work the rest of my sophmore year.

title ideas & objects

my first tattoo

1. airplane
2. room card
3. surf board
4. palm trees
5. shot glass
6. dinner bill
7. beer bong
8. neon lights
9. photo i.d.
10. coloured ink
11. sharp needles
12. cotton wrap

the tournament

1. alarm clock
2. sweat pants
3. frosted windows
4. digital scale
5. cereal bowl
6. bus ride
7. wrestling shoes
8. scoreboards
9. peanut butter
10. string cheese
11. gold metals
12. bar soap