Sunday, October 25, 2009

viscom: reading/ anatomy of a visual message

the Dondis reading described the three different ways of communication: representational, symbolic and abstract. i learned that ways can be used in a variety of ways including with each other to create a more complex meaning.

representational is factual or more related to real life while symbolism and abstraction are more conceptual. symbolism is used by representation in an object. in order for a symbol to be effective it must not only be "seen and recognized but also remembered and reproduced". unlike symbolism, abstraction requires reduction of visual detail to its minimum.

viscom: poem and words

oh! i ate them all
and oh! what a stomach ache...
green stolen apples

1. oh
2. ate
3. emotion
4. all
5. munch
6. hunger
7. regret
8. body
9. pain
10. hurt
11. ache
12. stomach
13. gut
14. shock
15. sharp
16. remember
17. color
18. trouble
19. shiny
20. thievery
21. green
22. stolen
23. pause
24. apples
25. fruit
26. sour
27. agony
28. hue
29. exclamation
30. recall

Friday, October 23, 2009


just a funny seasonal photo that i came across. this also happened to surface a forgotten career that i really wanted to pursue when i was younger. finding a school for cinema make-up artist would be something i might consider as continuation of my education after kcai. working for a film company doing typography and as a make-up artist would be amazing.

viscom: video response

the video we watched in class was interesting. i enjoyed having her explain to us what she does in new york city along with some examples of her work. i really like the idea of teaming with a architect to collaborate on designs, that could end on the busy city streets. having your work not only being displayed to millions people but also effecting their lives is something that i was mesmerized by.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

viscom: final statement II

i chose to photograph Westport for a few reasons. my main reason was because it is where I live, this made it possible for me to keep making it back to shoot. i also chose that section of town because it seems the most like my home. the tightly packed shops and busy day life provided me with interesting line studies that would later help build the quality of my project.

when given the choice of a narrative i immediately thought of close-ups. a series of close-up photos that could successfully communicate the positive attributes of Westport. i also approached this project with my materials at hand in mind. Owning a point and shoot camera limited my range of photography. deciding to take advantage of my camera's ability to shoot acceptable micro-shots played a big role in my approach of this project.

overall i thought i did a sufficient job of meeting the projects objectives. i was able to create functional juxtapositions between pages that created new interesting spreads. this project has supplied me with a series of very profitable design skills. i now have a better understanding how juxtapositions, if used correctly, can completely give my viewer a new prospective in which to view my designs.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

colour: narrative ideas

1. checkers

i want to search the city for interesting checker patterns. i believe people have the idea that a checker pattern is boring, being usually white and black. although interesting colour patterns can be found and i want to expose them.

2. signs

i think this has the potential to be a great narrative. everyday we see so many signs throughout the city, signs that do everything from direct us to try and persuade us where to eat. these signs are of all shapes, sizes and mainly COLOUR.

3. the sky

this could be interesting if im able to get good shots. like everyone knows the sky can be different colours depending on the weather and time of day. the most of my shots would probably be from sunrise and sunset. some shots at night might also be interesting.

Monday, October 19, 2009

type: Z for Zinc

i am glad we are doing this project, it is really turning out to be fun. getting zinc was pretty lucky i thought, just because its atomic symbol is Zn. being able to play my logo design off the letters similar shape has made for many. interesting iterations of my logo ideas. im excited for critique tomorrow, getting to look at everyones ideas along with the opportunity to receive feedback about my own will be great

Sunday, October 18, 2009

colour: week ?

this last week of class went by surprisingly fast. im not sure about my fellow classmates but im excited to wrap up this project so i can begin to focus my mind on the colour section.

it was between sitting in the sauna and driving home from the gym today that i realized how valuable our critiques are. having numerous crits throughout a project gives everyone the opportunity to get direct feed back from our instructors on how to build upon our work. im slowly learning that its not only my instructors input but also my fellow classmates' that i value.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

vicom: f&S prj 2

a humorous juxtaposition that i found a while back while serving the net. besides from the comic relief we graphic designers get out of this, it is a good example of a poorly thought out design. this is because the two advertisements have opposite correlating positions towards nutrition and health in todays youth.

viscom: titles & paragraph

1. westport
2. east to the westport
3. worldly westport
4. old westport
5. close up
6. close up westport

i chose westport as my as my area to photograph not only because its where i live but because of its wide range in architecture, compact layout and its friendly inhabitants. my spread of shots mostly consist of close-ups and somewhat tight shots. i shot for interesting photos that best represented my area that would strengthen my overall juxtaposition.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

viscom: NY TIMES

as i assumed the article would, it reminded me just how important the understanding of juxtaposition is. without the right technique a seemingly successful juxtaposition could end up causing you more harm then good. at the same time, whether the spread is planned or not, if the juxtaposition is utilized correctly, the meaning along with overall feeling of the design can be multiplied several times. This well thought out use that is showed over and over in the Times is an excellent example of what kind of effect can be created if done successfully.