Monday, May 3, 2010

viscom2: semester reflection

at the beginning of the semester i chose wrestling as my story topic and direction for icon development. im glad i picked a topic that i am passionate about, it kept me wanting to push my icons and their concepts.

the initial part of the semester that was dedicated to the development of our icon sets was by far my favorite part. i really enjoyed getting to research my objects and finding pictures in which to sketch them. drawing has always been a strength of mine, so i will try to continue to use it in my work. the process we were instructed to follow during this time was very helpful in learning to successfully create icon sets and then apply them to numerous functions, from our initial mind maps to the loose/ refined sketches to the pages and pages of matrixes.

i thought the most difficult part of the semester and this project was the creation of our information graphics. finding a legible way to display lots of information is a controlled space while keeping the design visual pleasing was rather hard. this was my first time at creating one so for the first couple days i did a lot of researching on the net, studying hundreds of infographics to try and get inspiration for the one i would be creating and to just get a better understanding of their structor and content.

i hope next semester i will continue to learn new ways to improve my process in which i work, like finding times i can get off my laptop to work with my hands.

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